IGN’s Diablo 3 Taste Test on Console

So back on the 21st of August, I was invited along by IGN to have a taste test of the upcoming console release of Diablo 3. Honestly, I am no fan of the series or have I ever played a single Diablo game (the cries of Diablo fans as they read this cursing me for not playing one of the greatest games created!) So it gave me a good perspective to what to think when coming in to play a game that is ported from the PC to the console. So many of my friends talk and rave about Diablo 3 and how we all should go online to play and go on a dungeon crawl to loot some rare items. I was tired of that, grinding and spending hours just to find the most rarest drop you can ever get only to fight it out with three of your other friends for it. What ever happened to the good old fashion adventure hack and slash games where you just go in with some buddies, wreck havoc in the game and enjoy some fun together while having a few laughs and screaming contests.

See when I imagine Diablo 3 on PC I see it as this:image

Sitting at home playing on your keyboard and mouse on the highest resolution to enjoy all the graphical glory the game can offer. There’s nothing wrong with it. I play similar games to Diablo 3 on PC with friends.

When news and headlines reached my ears about Diablo 3 heading to the consoles. I thought to myself, why would Blizzard do such a thing? Given the opportunity to see for myself how well the console version of Diablo 3 will be, I went in with an open mind.

The game played really well, sitting down together with three other people on a couch plowing through the levels of D3. The screen is not clattered with each characters HUD for your respective health and skills. It is clear and crisp and the main section of the screen is opened to enjoy all the chaos and mayhem. Playing through it reminded me of old games like Gauntlet where just you and your buddies run through endless levels fighting against hordes of enemies not having any rest. There wasn’t even time to check your inventory for loot and drops or change equipment. It was fast paced and everyone just kept pushing forward.The attitude of the game changes when you have three of your friends next to you playing. It becomes a real battlefield, everyone fighting together and wanting to get through the level as fast as possible. At times, you even play the devil’s advocate by leaving your allies to fight for themselves as you leave or lure the enemies to them.

The loot and item drops amongst friends are highly amusing as when you have them right next to you. Screams, shouts and curses as you alone steal every single item drop on screen and not share it. Then dubbing you as ‘The Hoarder’. It was incredibly enjoyable and you can spend hours of fun sitting down with a controller in your hand playing. Or try what we did to relax and enjoy ourselves, play with one hand and the other carrying a drink or trying to eat a pizza ^_^

Envisioning in my mind, I see Diablo 3 on console with friends would look like this:


The transition for the game is fantastic. It feels natural when playing on the control and the one thing that I can do all the time is being able to kick my leg up and relax. Unlike the PC, I gotta hunch over the keyboard and become intensely focused and remember the location of all the keys I have to tap.

Diablo 3 is set out to release on console on September 3rd 2013. You can pre-order the game at any of your gaming retail store.